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How We Became:

MangoPi, LLC DBA EudaimoniaPi was founded in July of 2020, but it has been in the works for years.  

It was founded by two crazy and chaotic cat ladies who also happen to be a little witchy.  We had a vision to find happiness and to live as happily as possible every day that seemed close and personal to us.  We wanted to share it with as many people as possible.  So, we decided to make available to everyone all the tools that we have come across so our true passion lies within our blog:

Inspired by experiences, experimenting, and connecting with different lifestyles and philosophies that we have come across everywhere, even tv, one of our favorite programs The Good Place, because it asked how do you want to live and what are you doing to be better everyday. It also questions what is good.   Our world already has empathetic and compassionate people.  They may not always be well-known. How do these people continue to find the strength, the determination, the energy, to reach out into the world?  Too many are powerless, dealing with their own struggles, who are just trying to survive.

You can really help others when you take care of yourself.  Yes, this does include in ways that seem frivolous, but when you make yourself happy and smile then you can share that energy with others and spread joy like light.  Our blog will go over a wide breadth of topics, however, the goal will remain the same: Live infinitely well.  Therefore, we will focus on philosophies (both ancient and new) to bring different sizes of happiness into our lives.    Hopefully, it can do the same for you.  At the very least, we want you to at least find your own path.

Yes, finding happiness is easier said than done.  But do not discount the opportunities to have some small amount of happiness every day.  Having a brief moment of relaxation, and revitalization once a day may not seem like much, especially if you are battling self-loathing, depression, or a hostile environment.  But these moments of happiness are vital.   They are not the prizes at the end of the road, but the fuel to get you there.  In order to heal and strengthen ourselves, we need to be mindful of any small opportunities for joy that come around.  We cannot think that a lofty goal will make us happy. We need to find what makes us happy now and grab these small moments in the present.  We may find out before it’s too late, the goal we thought we want, isn’t the right path for us.

Open your mind and join us in questioning the ambition we were told to have.  If we take care of ourselves (mentally, physically, frivolously), then we can better accomplish our goals.  This being said, we also believe in following the saying, “do what you will, but harm none.”  Let’s all work to find EudaimoniaPi together.  

-Blessed Be

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